Sunday, 20 January 2013

Big Girl

Danielle steel is a very familiar name amongst book lovers like me but for some reason I never felt inclined enough to buy any of her books. When I came across this book I had high expectations as the title and description were quite interesting and intriguing. As I started to read, it seemed as if the story might have some major twists & turns in it but sadly that never happened. The pace of the book was kind of slow and the story plot was very common and predictable. Overall i didn't hate it neither am I all for it so my feelings are kind of mixed.

I found the main character i.e Victoria quite relatable and not so fiction-y, which was the highlight for me. She shared a very disturbed realtionship with her parents but had exceptional love for her younger sister despite of the fact that her parents loved & adored her alot more than Victoria and didn't leave a single chance to belittle their elder daughter; whom her father referred to as their "tester cake". Christine (her mother) was a perfect match for a narcissist of Jim's (her dad) proportion. They were a perfect couple and a perfect match. Both had dark hair, enviable lean bodies and killer looks. Their first born turned out to be a chubby baby with blonde hair blue eyes and a pale skin which was a source of disappointment for both of them. But their second daughter Grace was a perfect baby who bored her parents looks and had a petite frame like her mother. They didn't make any effort to hide their undevoted love for grace and despair for victoria. They ridiculed and rejected her when ever possible. 

Victoria never hated Grace despite the obvious prefrence in fact both the sisters loved each other unconditionally. The sad part was how the negative comments made by her parents affected her self image and she believed each word they said like gospel. She was a beautiful girl and had a brain to match but her broad & tall frame made her believe that she was unlovable and ugly. She couldn't wait to go to college, to start a life of her own away from the constant nagging. Her love life was full of tragic experiences which contributed to her negative self image. But in the end her patience bore her good fruit and she found a perfect match which kind of made me teary and happy. The love and bond they shared was definitely worth the wait and is some-what what every girl wants, well atleast I do....*wink*.

So overall, I liked victoria very much but just wished that there was a little bit more substance to the story. So who ever is looking for a light read this might be the book for you. My feelings towards it are somewhat neutral.

The last review I posted was also my first read of the author Sandra Brown and it turned out to be very disappointing. While this was far better but I have to say trying new authors doesn't seem like my thing..! but Guess what I am not going to give up as you never know, the next one you read might add up to your favorites for life  :)

My Rating:3/5