Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Warning: The person writing this post is emotionally paralyzed at the moment, hence anything said and done in this condition shall not be held against them. 

Needless to say this book will leave you dumbfounded and depressed, not just any kind of depressed- staying in bed all day long and hogging on an ice cream tub kind of depressed. It was a really bumpy roller coaster ride of emotions which is set to leave you speechless. Right when you need a little more of it, it ends, and that too at a very heartbreaking note. 

Extremely engaging and a beautiful blend of humor, tragedy, love and sorrow. Might deny you the happy ending you wish for, but yet who actually gets a desired happy ending? As limited as their time was, their story was eternal and as phrased by hazel "Some infinities are bigger than other gave me a forever with in numbered days". 

The plot is fairly simple- A young teenage girl who has been diagnosed with lung cancer attends a cancer support group where she meets a young boy named Augustus Waters. Augustus has had osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer which costed him one of his legs. He is a gorgeous, charming, witty, confident, intelligent guy who always loses video games because he tries to
save everyone, while she is a smart, snarky, quick-witted, well-spoken girl. They quickly connected and a smartly crafted intellectual explosion of romance follows. Together they embark on a journey to Amsterdam which might be the best and the worst time of their lives.

The dialogues are a concoction of humor & intelligence and are exquisitely phrased. Loved the way how the Big Questions of life like oblivion, meaning of life, mystery of universe, human behavior etcectra have been dealt with such prose and humor. His portrayal of their disease and their casual perspective about it might change the way we think and treat the people who are going through it. As the book draws to its end one wonders that what is left to be said, how would it end, there can't possibly be another twist but as you reach the end I promise it would leave you crying and emotionally paralyzed.

I think I will never get over this particular paragraph ever.

P.S you might need more than one box of tissues to make it through Hazel and Augustus's heartrending journey. 

My Rating 5/5

(Though I feel like cutting 0.5 for all the crying and depression!)