Thursday, 2 April 2015

Moving beyond book blogging, to the tyranny called life.

It's more like stating the obvious but I have to say it out loud for once and for all. As my infrequent and extremely rare book reviews suggest, sheer book blogging isn't for me! (Ta-da!!!!) Hence I have come to the decision that this blog can't be just about book reviews (duh!) While I have been away from blogging I hadn't stopped reading (obviously!!) but have actually found reading for blogging kind of exhausting. Reading is who I am and what I do just for myself, can't really do it when I am SUPPOSED to do it. Plus sharing how I exactly feel about each and every book I read isn't my cup of tea either. And don't get me started on my ever changing choice of genres, I might be reading wolf of Wall Street in the morning and Rumi by night! Yeah, I am quite unpredictable. Sometimes I read books that I want to say a billion things about, sometimes I read the sort that render me dumbfound and at a total loss of words while some just make me wonder why I wasted my time and money, while some move me beyond my imagination and finally some that I don't have any opinion about and can't really force one either. Does any of it makes any sense? I hope it does.

So from now on I myself don't exactly know what this blog is going to be. I guess it's about life-as it happens. It will be still about books combined with some rambling about life, some thoughts that I am dying to put out of my head into the infinity called Internet, a bit about few new found passions (like photography/traveling/makeup/current affairs/history & God knows what). So guys, hang in there with me...that is if anyone is even reading. Seriously does anyone really read any of it?

Okay that's enough for now. Name and description change will be updated soon enough. Till then, thanks for tolerating!

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