Thursday, 2 April 2015

The story of me.

Are there people who can affirmatively say "I got it all figured it out!"? If yes then I would really love to meet them. Apart from having everything under control & on track, one can't help but wonder why am I doing all this? Where am I heading? Why even bother? And most importantly what's the meaning of all this? 

Let's start from the very beginning, well not the very beginning as i don't have recollection of any of it, naturally. From as far as memory serves while growing up I never did anything for my own self, something self initialized, something with the sheer purpose of self fulfillment. From being paraded through middle school to being dragged out of high school and finally being shoved into college, one thing remained constant- I didn't belong anywhere. While harnessing the quest of being the shinning star at heart and a mind constantly bustling with ideas & thoughts, the state of gloominess never changed. While knowing I am better than the rest but failing apparently is nothing but torture. I suppose it's simple either I am a genius or a depressed soul in desperate need of psychiatric attention. And to finally throw in the burning question-who am I? What makes me happy, what actually fulfills me, what is my niche, where would I fit in perfectly...?! Being a 23 year old I should have at least figured out the part that where I fit in. But here I am bewildered & clueless probably waiting for someone to drag me by my the arm to my destiny. 


  1. Well......You aren't alone on that one.......I too am clueless about my destiny ahead...but hey!This is life........I guess faith should be strong and a person should only depend on him/herself rather than others....

  2. Age is just a number, by now you would'be what 25? i knew when i was much younger ( 16-18 i guess ) that i wanna do something big ( not for the sake of accumulating wealth ) but i didn't have any answer to questions like WHAT? HOW ? WHERE ? WHEN ? ..... so i went with the flow but never gave up on my inner voice.... recently i quit my job, work ...almost everything i was doing to give myself time in isolation and work on my ideas, create a vision and find answer to all those questions... it wasn't easy, took me 4 months ( coping with high's and low's ) trying to understand myself, what am i looking for, what's my purpose, counting on my blessings, gifts ...... i am not a good writer nor a good communicator BUT to cut short
    "The time i quit my job, i knew i would die if i don't give myself a break and work on my ideas, my passion and work on it to make it happen "

    what other damage it could do ? you wrote about ENVY ...didn't you ?
    why do people do that ? i think people who wanted to do something but somehow they couldn't
    maybe it was their parent's, their friend's, spouse or just courage to leave their comfort zone.....
    they started living life defined by those people around them.

    i won't drag it further and would conclude by this,

    " Don't live a life defined by circumstances, people around you or with all those thoughts, your dreams. Take a STOP, re-align/ Re-wire yourself, choose people who you'll matter to you and will help you achieve what you want to, because they believe in you. and Most importantly, make them grow with you so there is no room for Envy/hatred/negativity around you. Don't think to make the whole world happy but just the most important people in your life. Find your Gift you are born and blessed with and work on how you can benefit others with that"

    i have found that helping people achieve what they wish for, makes me happy, keeps me energized. Taking care of existing relationships and nurturing them will create room for new relationships and responsibilities"

    i am not a good writer but i would urge you to pick up the point from what i wrote ( i am sure you are smart enough for that )

    Stay blessed!